Origin of Ancient China

China has an empire that has never been equaled in the world. It is one of the most violent and very mystical and inventive throught out generations and this empire has survived from a 4000 year generation that past—an amazing feat ones country envy.

China has has powerful emperors in the past who mustered peasants and made progress in many ancient engineerings and science – such example are the river of mercury and the great wall of china. Can you imagine Egypt and its pyramids? When it was already built, China already has its palaces for their emperors and when Rome was building an empire , China already is trying to make a canal by blowing up a mountain to make a dam that would support millions of people.

China has ancient civilization made of states and is fighting for supremacy, but in around 200 BC, one kingdom out of 7, were warlike people conquered and devastated the whole kingdom—they are the Kingdom of QIN. They had all the power of the Country China having all the access on all flat lands and trading routed which is famed the Silk Road. The Qin Supremacy only had absoulute power when they ended the “Chu” kingdom which lasted for 15 years .

Now and emperor of QIN, Shi Wong D proclaimed his authority and the Empire lasted for 10,000 generations.  During  his reign, China had one of the most spectacular building of all time, that is the Great Wall of China .

This work of the Chinese were preserved to this very day, but it took many ruthless leaders, blood of the same country to make this vast military strategy.