Sacred Mountains of China

In China, they call a group of awesome mountains as Sacred Mountains of China, these are divided in to several groups. They call the First, The Five great mountains which they call “Wuyue”. This mountains are the pilgrimage for the emperors of the Chinese ancient civilization. These mountains according to their belief is the place for their deity or gods. Perhaps, Buddhism are associated they call it Sacred Mountains for Buddhism or if it is Taoism then they let the name change the latter.

In ancient China, they have preservation in Nature in a matter of serving their deity and god. They have absolute faith, that their mountains are the ground for their god, so it must be preserved and taken well care of.

There are a number of great mountains in China that sanctuary of their god has been established. Some of good architectural designs can be seen built on this mountains. See attached pictures for reference.

When the First Emperor of QIN ruled over the power of a unified China, he and his fellow men formalized and in still a ritual practives adopted from confucianism, and it latter was adopted by different generation under rule of  Chinese emperors until its fall but it to this day it is being preseverd due to its beauty and has the blessing of protection under the UNESCO.