China is more well called by its formal name of The people’s Republic of China. The 7% of the world’s land and 20% of the world’s population . The colossus made up of 22 provinces and 5 autonomous regions , 4 municipalities and two  special administrative regions and is having 5 time zones currently  on track to overcome the USA as the world’s largest economy around 2018. China will soon up in over a century of Western economic  superioirity within eight years and we’ll be generating one-fifth of the world’s GDP.

Today China is the world’s largest food, cotton producer, solar panel manufacturer and it even outputs 45 % of the world’s steel and 95% of rare earth’s material and so on. China is continuing to pile up IPO markets and is non-stop in filing patents in the world.

China is evolving as the strongest nation in the world and will even catch the US and UK combine in 2050, if all projections and market go on. China which has a very rich history has continued to mankind’s history. Only time will tell if Chinese are the most superior race in the world. While they have the most population and even military forces we can say everything is possible if they take on the world.

This page will talk more of China and its great empire, not only through history and time but also to talk about its matters from its culture and diversity!